Research Center for Psychological Science

In recent years, the subject of mental health has gained in prominence in many societies. Issues include, for example, bullying and corporal punishment in schools, and pressure on working women trying to raise a family, a cited factor behind Japan’s declining birth rate. In addition, an increase in people with mental illness or a developmental disability is drawing social attention. Interdisciplinary studies, centering on psychology, are required to resolve these issues.
This research center conducts fundamental research on these issues in animals and humans by applying brain science and behavioral science approaches. It aims to expand this into practical research with a view to supporting child development, education and the elderly from a perspective of lifelong education and development targeting everyone from infants, mothers and teachers to the elderly. The center also promotes activities oriented toward fundamental research and practice in clinical psychology. In addition, the center will clarify a mechanism of human relations in society and organizations, and extend support to bring about a harmonious social environment.