Base for Advanced Education and Research

The purpose of this Office is to form a Base for Advanced Education and Research at Doshisha University, to improve graduate school education through distinctive and advanced research, and to pass on the results of research to society.

Endowed Education Research Project

Endowed Education Research Project, which operate based on grants from individuals, corporations, companies, and other external organizations, are established with the goal of contributing to the vitality and diversity of research and education activities at Doshisha University. Unique courses and open classes are also offered as part of these projects in the form of “contributed classes.”

Research Centers

The goal of these Research Centers is to open up new directions in modern applied research, and at the same time to foster young researchers through ties to research and education at the University’s Graduate Schools. Many of the full-time faculty members from Doshisha University are active as researchers at the various Research Centers, which also welcome eminent researchers from Japan and around the world as guest fellows. In this way, the Research Centers are able to strive for the world’s highest standards.